Our vision is to enable IT to support business by providing our clients with the experience and the expertise of our specialists as a friend and guide


We fulfill the vision above by means of our wide-ranging products and services and partnerships with like-minded enterprises

Our Value

  • Board Of Investment (BOI) Thailand promoted company
  • Provide software and services based on innovative concepts like BPM, SOA, Cloud computing
  • Our key strengths are SAP and Oracle, Strategic Information Technology, Application development, and Engineering Software
  • Customized ERP solutions with built-in Business Analytics (generic and industry-specific)
  • Flexibility based on partnerships and collaborations
  • Team of qualified and certified consultants and experts

Why Qamlo?

We support our clients in optimizing their business processes through the use of Products and Services that help the clients to realize the goals of:

  • Enterprise Agility
  • Reuse
  • Leveraging their existing legacy IT investments
  • Tighter integration between IT and business
We provide specialized services and products in Enterprise Resource Planning, Strategic IT, Applications Development, and Engineering Software.

Company Structure

Company Structure Qamlo

Unique Selling Points

  1. End-to-end processes
  2. Best-of-breed features
  3. Experienced and certified resources
  4. Synergy with partners
  5. Focus on client business problem resolution