Our Products

All Qamlo products are developed following the principles of service orientation and separation of concern promoting reuse and agility.

The products provide complete domain functionality while keeping a uniform and intuitive look-and-feel.

May be hosted on cloud or Client Data Centres.

Key Features

  • Products are customizable to unique client needs and at the same time follow the best practice business flows.
  • Easily modifiable process flow due to usage of service oriented architecture.
  • Single web-based interface that may be accessed using multiple channel devices.

Law 360

Qamlo has created a 360 degrees tool that covers all aspects of automations for Timesheets and Billing for a Law practice.
Why did we do that? There are a number of Applications and tools available in the market–that may be used for time tracking and also for billing. Some of them are even free – but none of them cater completely to all the needs of law firms. They have too many Bells and Whistles, and not enough rules-based intelligence to cater to the complex billing requirements of the modern law firms.

That is why we decided to create a well-priced, focused, minimalistic solution that is easy to use and will create invoices at the click of a button. Invoices may be generated at the click of a button for all the pending timesheet line-items that have not yet been invoiced. This may be done at any point of time for either one- or all clients, thus providing a very flexible way of client billing, and shortening the billing time. This directly impacts your cash flow. It runs at your server or if you do not want to host it, we provide the Cloud version at very reasonable monthly rates.

Key features
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to import your existing client data
  • If hosted on Cloud, no operational maintenance needs to be done by the law firm
  • Web-based access to the software
  • Role-Based access control where each user gets a customized view of only the features that are needed for their roles. Lawyers are only able to view their own Timesheets
  • The legal staff can enter their times against Time& Material cases or create Fixed Price Cases and book time against them. They can also enter expenses
  • For the administrative staff, the key tasks are two-fold: a) creation of certain entities and b) creation and management of invoices
  • There is a provision for creation of temporary invoices for review and then finally create the final invoice when the stakeholders are satisfied
  • There is a provision for creation of invoices for either a single client or all the clients at the same time, both in temporary and final case of invoice generation
  • Invoices may be created at any time, shortening the billing cycle and directly impacting cash flow
  • Invoices are available in PDF format as a zip file in your local download directory
  • If you have many clients / other entities that need to be entered manually, we can help you migrate the clients by importing data from excel sheet or similar spreadsheet at reasonable costs
  • Archival function available for Timesheets and also for Invoices
  • Invoices support Unicode character implying support for non-Latin languages
  • Client discount automatically supported
  • Certain rules are already built-in to the system, e.g. distinction between Litigation and Non-litigation timesheet items in terms of Value-added Tax Calculation
  • Existing Retainers may be managed easily within the related Invoice

Customer Relationship Management Software

The Customer Relationship Management Software supports and streamlines the Sales process of an Enterprise by enabling the Sales team to manage their leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and forecasts from a single portal.
The Sales process may be customized by an Enterprise for its needs.

Features of the CRM Software
  • Intuitive and uniform User Interface
  • Lead and Contact Management
  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Forecast Management
  • Dashboard

Timesheet and Billing Software

For any service providing Enterprise, the greatest impact on cash flow depends on timely billing. This software allows employee setup based on roles, automates the rates depending on the roles of the employees, allows management of clients, and projects. It allows employees to manage their timesheets and expenses in an intuitive manner and allows creation of customized invoices at the click of a button. This brings immediate and direct benefit to the bottomline of an enterprise by streamlining the flow of the timesheets, expenses and billing process.

key features of the Timesheet and Billing Software
  • Role-based employee management
  • Secured access
  • Client and Task Management
  • Timesheets and Expense submission
  • Automated generation of Invoices
  • Customizable Invoice format