What we do

At Qamlo, we provide specialized services and products in Enterprise Resource Planning, Strategic Information Technology areas like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Business Analytics as well as bespoke Application Development.

By staying on top of the latest innovations in Technology, we transfer the benefits of the same to our clients so that they can solve their business problems effectively and efficiently.

How we do it

We empower enterprises to embrace digital technology to drive workplace and business innovation. This is done by closing the gap between their needs and current status.Leveraging agile frameworks, we help businesses grow organically and focus on their key competency.

We firmly believe that the key distiction between successful and unsuccessful enterprises is Digital Transformation that must be scaled slowly but steadily. We partner with willing enterprises to support their journey towards success.

Typical issues


Businesses using in-house development use 80% of their IT budget on ongoing support and 20% on new initiatives whereas cloud-based companies spend only 69% on on-going support and 31% on new initiatives.

Market Gap

Few, if any, products on the market help customers optimize their business like we do as we target the actual business problem and give the customized solution for that.


Cloud users spend 21% less on IT as a % of revenue and 16% less on a per user basis than Boxed in-house software.

Our Solution

Close the Gap

Our product makes clients lives easier, and their processes more efficient and crisp. The architecture ensures that there are no redundancies at any level.

Cost Savings

Reduce expenses by automating workflow and maybe replacing multiple products. Our products provide the functionality at affordable price

Ease of Use

Simple design that gives customers the targeted information they need on a need-to-know basis.

Solution Features

Product Key Features
  • Available 365x24x7 over the web
  • Save time by automating key processes
  • Cool and stylish products
  • Easy to use
  • No large up-front Capex costs
  • No need for in-house IT team or infrastructure
  • Saving on office space and power costs

Key Focus Areas

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions are critical for an enterprise and reduce costs through improving efficiencies and facilitate decision-making and communication within and outside an Enterprise. Our ERP Practice provides products and services in this area.

Information Technology

Our IT Practice is divided into two broad categories: Strategic IT and Application Development.
Strategic IT covers key areas like Business Process Management, Applied Cloud computing, and aspects of Artificial Intelligence relevant to an industry or application

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about changing the way value is created, and how your business model is structured. More and more, value creation comes from outside the firm not inside, and from external partners rather than internal employees.
The bottom line of digital transformation is to create value by improving employee productivity and business performance through automation. This means higher revenue and/or profit will be generated per employee with time

Business Analytics

Business analytics can help businesses gain insights, improve accuracy, efficiency, and response time, and make better decisions using data visualization and quantitative analysis.
Business analytics also helps businesses monitor their progress, performance, and goals, and encourages a culture of teamwork and contribution.
Business analytics can be used in various aspects of business, such as product development, pricing, and sales optimization.