What we do

We support our clients in optimizing their business processes through the use of Products and Services that help the clients to realize the goals of:

  • Enterprise Agility
  • Reuse
  • Leveraging their existing legacy IT investments
  • Tighter integration between IT and business

We provide specialized services and products in Enterprise Resource Planning, Strategic Information Technology areas like Service Orientation, Business Process Management, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics etc., bespoke Applications Development and expertise in Engineering Software.

Key Focus Areas

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) solutions are critical for an enterprise and reduce costs through improving efficiencies and facilitate decision-making and communication within and outside an Enterprise. Our ERP Practice provides products and services in this area.

Information Technology

Our IT Practice is divided into two broad categories: Strategic IT and Application Development. Strategic IT covers key areas like SOA, BPM, Data Management, Cloud computing, Business Analytics and Application Development handles bespoke application development.


Our Engineering Practice provides Project Engineering services, drawing conversion services and on-line as well as off-site services in various engineering disciplines , thereby acting as a bridge between IT and the engineering disciplines.

Project Management

We build upon our experienced and certified Project Managers who provide specialized Project and Program management. We provide Project Management for SAP or Oracle projects as well as generic Project & Program management services.

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