Press event in Bangkok concerning the current IT trends

I was invited recently to attend as speaker a Press event in Bangkok on the current trends of IT in the region.

The focus of this short event was on looking at current trends in IT – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud computing, Big Data and Mobility were the key focus areas. All the above are trends that are here to stay. In my opinion, Analytics by itself and not just as part of the Big Data tooling, must be added to the list as well. There were three speakers at the event each talking about their focus areas – I focused on SOA in my short talk.

The event was reported by both the leading English newspapers in Thailand- “Bangkok Post” and “The Nation”:

Bangkok Post article on the event

The Nation article on the event


Few pictures of the event:

Group picture

Group of speakers

SOA Qamlo

Me speaking at the event

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