Our IT services

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)Services

We perform the following SOA Services among others:

  • SOA Infrastructure Selection
  • SOA Readiness Assessment
  • SOA Roadmap
  • SOA Reference Architecture and Blueprint
  • SOA Management Services
  • SOA Proof of concept
  • SOA Center of Excellence
  • SOA Portfolio Planning

Information and Data Services

We provide following services related to Information and Data area:

  • Master Data Management (MDM) Infrastructure Selection
  • MDM Readiness Assessment
  • MDM Proof of Concept
  • MDM Deployment
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Product Information Management

Security and Governance Services

Following services are offered in the Security and Governance area:

  • SOA Security Assessment
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Enterprise IT Governance
  • Data Governance
  • SOA Governance
  • Cloud Governance

Cloud Computing Services

Following are the Cloud Computing Services offered:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Portfolio Planning
  • Cloud Deployment Planning
  • Transitioning to Cloud Computing

Business Process Management Services

Following are the Business Process Management (BPM) Services offered:

  • BPM Maturity Assessment
  • BPM Roadmap
  • BPM Deployment
  • Business Service Modeling

Outsourcing Management Services

Following are the Outsourcing Management Services offered:

  • Feasibility Analysis: Make or buy, Impact Analysis, DOability, Return On Investment(ROI), SWOT Analysis
  • Virtual teams: experts for each project, the highest availability
  • Offshore development: offshore development, onshore management and Quality Assurance (QA)

Dedicated Development Center

With this option a team of dedicated resources are assigned for a fixed period of time. This team will act as an extended IT arm of your teams or IT department. Dedicated team will have complete access to all the facilities and support as other teams do and if required can be equipped with specialized needs as demanded by clients.

Joint Development Center

This method involves both onsite and offshore teams to work in collaboration where you have 35% of team using Offshore resources and 65% of development and important project management work happens onshore or with near shore coordination.

Web Applications Development Services

Following are the focus of our Web Application Services offered:

  • SOA-based Application Development
  • Extreme programming
  • Scrum
  • Time Boxed development
  • Usage of Frameworks
  • Feature driven deployment

Bespoke Software Development Services

Following are the focus of our Bespoke Software Development Services offered:

  • Development for various verticals. Domain expertise: Financial services, MRD, Telecom & Hi-Tech
  • Framework and language expertise: Web, Java, Dot Net, C/C#/C++, Python, Django, MVC concepts
  • Enterprise Applications: JDE, SAP, MBS, Oracle

Cloud Applications Development Services

Following are the focus of our Cloud Application Development Services offered:

  • Service Oriented Approach for Cloud development and deployments
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Private, Public and Hybrid deployment models

Mobile Applications Development Services

Following are the Mobile Application Development Services offered:

  • B2B as well as B2C Application Development
  • Android, iOS, Blackberry Application

Training Services

Following are the IT related training services offered:

  • Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) Training
  • SOA Training (ORACLE SOA Suite)
  • Business Process Management(BPM) Training
  • Master Data Management(MDM) Training
  • Enterprise Data and SOA Training
  • Cloud Computing Training
  • Virtualization Training
  • Cloud Computing Training

Featured service

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Services
These services fall under the strategic IT services and allow the client to make use of the expertise and experience of our certified SOA architects and consultants to design their systems in a service-oriented manner. This leads to standardization of services along with reuse benefits and helps to govern and maintain larger systems in a streamlined manner. Such architectures and services may be useful for Green Fields as well as Brown Fields project where legacy systems need to be integrated.

Following are the benefits:

  • Certified SOA architects and consultants
  • Design and architect systems to exploit benefits of standardization, ease of integration, and reuse
  • May apply to new developments as well as existing implementations
  • Ease governance and maintenance